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Tellagami® is a fun, new way to share animated messages. Customize your character. Change its mood or outfit. Record your voice or add dialogue. Then share your Gami video.



Choose a Character

Change your character’s hair, eyes and skin tone. Then choose an outfit to dress your character in style!

Choose a Mood

Give your character some personality by choosing a mood. Happy, sad, angry, surprised or even silly!

Place the Character

Move your character anywhere on the screen. Make it big or small with just a quick pinch or rotate with a swipe.


Change the Background

Use one of our backgrounds or your own photo to add a setting.

Draw a Doodle

Use your finger to write a message or create a drawing on the background. Experiment with different colors and let your imagination run wild.


Record Your Voice

Record a message for your character to say.

Add Some Dialogue

Don’t want to use your own voice? Then use one of ours. Type something for your character to say and choose a voice.


Preview and Save

See your Gami video in action by clicking preview. You can also save your Gami video to your device to show off later.

Share Your Gami Video


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