Frequently Asked Questions

+ What does Tellagami® mean?

We call our video messages (or short stories) a Gami video which rhymes with origami. Tellagami® is a spin on tell – a – gami. Get it?

+ Can I use Tellagami® on my device?

Tellagami® is available for iOS.
The iOS app requires iOS 6.0 and up. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

+ Can I download the app to my computer?

The Tellagami® app is only available on smartphones and tablets.

+ How do I type a message?

1) Tap on the Message bubble.
2) Tap on the Text button.
3) Tap on the ABC button.
4) Choose a voice and enter your text.
5) Tap on Done to preview your message.
Click here to watch an example.

+ When I type something in the text box, I get an error message. What’s up with that?

Yikes! Clearly something is wrong. Please try again.

+ My keyboard disappeared when I try to type. [iPad]

Did you accidentally press the lower right button on the keyboard when holding the iPad? This causes the keyboard to disappear on the screen and appear as a white screen on the bottom half of the app. Pressing the "CANCEL" button takes you back to the main screen so you can press the "ABC TYPE" button again.

+ There is no keyboard when I try to type.

Are you using an external keyboard? External keyboards are not compatible with our app.

+ I can’t hear the character speak on my device. What’s wrong?

Hmm, are you sure your device is not muted and the volume is on?

+ There is no sound when I try to record my voice.

Make sure your device microphone is turned on. On your device, go to:
Settings > Privacy > Microphone >Tellagami (make sure this is turned on).

+ I can hear the character but why doesn't the character move in the video?

If you can hear the character but there is no movement, this may be due to a weak internet connection and not an issue with the app. Please make sure you have a strong wifi/Internet connection when you play back the Gami video.

+ Where can I find my saved Gami video on my device?

A saved Gami video can be found in your camera roll in a folder named Tellagami.

+ I can't find my saved Gami videos in my camera roll.

Make sure the Tellagami® app on the device has access to the camera roll. On your device, go to: Settings > Privacy > Photos > Tellagami (make sure this is turned on).

+ Can I customize my character with more than just clothing and hairstyles?

Yes, you can also choose your character's skin tone, mood, placement and lots of other options. Go check it out!

+ How do I embed a Gami video on my website?

1) Get the link to your Gami video watch page by tapping on the Share button in the app and selecting one of the share options. Copy the link.
2) Go to the link in your web browser. Then click on the share button in the upper right corner of the video player on the page.
3) Copy the embed code.
Click here to watch an example.

+ Can I record a Gami video that’s longer than 30 seconds?

You can voice record up to 90 seconds with the 90-second pack.

+ How do I unlock an in-app purchase?

Tap on the button for the pack you want to purchase. All in-app purchases have a small lock icon on the button. Log in with your app store ID when prompted to purchase to unlock the pack.

+ How do I restore my in-app purchases?

If you have installed the app on a new device and want to restore all of your previous in-app purchases, click on 'Restore' at the bottom right of the blue home screen when you open the app. You can also restore individual packs by selecting the pack again in the app.

+ Why can't I see the new background packs?

You will need to relaunch the app in order to load the latest packs.

+ What is the Tellagami® Edu app?

Tellagami® Edu is a paid version of the Tellagami® app loaded with features that allows classrooms to use the app without in-app purchases.