Ways to use a Gami Video

What can I do with a Gami video? A Gami video can be an exciting tweet or status update.
It can be a fun way to tell a story. It can be a thank you message or a vacation postcard.
It can be a birthday greeting, party invite or cool way to share photos.

Greetings & Invites

Liven up your messages

Send your family a vacation postcard. Invite your friends to a party or simply send a warm fuzzy message to someone special.
  • Invitations
  • Postcards
  • Reminders
  • Thank Yous
  • Personal Messages


Learn in a new way

Lead a new wave in digital learning. Tellagami® is a fun way for students to learn by creating. Teachers and students can use Tellagami® to create book reports, solve math problems and recite lessons. The possibilities are endless!
  • Assignments
  • Presentations
  • Tutorials
  • Lessons
  • Book Reports

Business & Marketing

Stand out with creativity

Create a competitive edge. Using Tellagami® is a great way to show off what you or your company can do.
  • Business Promotion
  • Digital Business Card
  • Viral advertising
  • Video Resume